Something to Remember about Breeders

                                                                                    Author Unknown

      How many litters does a breeder have to have before being considered an experienced breeder?

   They should have bred at least one good litter that they can brag on. This will gain them credibility.

 They should have had at least one litter that looked great on paper but turned out to be a disaster. This will teach humility.

  They should have held (God forbid!) at least one deformed puppy and wept as it slipped into the calm, silent quiet of death.

This will provide the heart to be very careful to do everything possible to not see it again.

 They should have studied the lines and the traits and the greats and the problems each has produced and read all the books

   they can get their hands on. This will give them knowledge.

      Last of all, they should have consulted the greats in the breed and never, never consider themselves to be experienced

      breeders. They are then, possibly, experienced breeders.


•stenotic (pinched) nostrils

•elongated soft palate

•pneumonia -- primarily in puppies


•entropion -- rolling in of the eyelids

•retinal dysplasia


•"cherry eye" -- prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid


•stenotic (narrow) ear canals

•bacterial ear infections

•yeast over growth

•hyperplastic otitis


•bite problems -- most commonly, an overbite

•inflammatory bowel disease


•hiatal hernia

•intestinal adenocarcinoma


•lip fold pyoderma

•skin fold pyoderma

•demodectic mange

•allergic skin disease -- alleric inhalant dermatitis, food allergy, insect allergy, contact allergy, etc.

•generalized pyoderma

•cutaneous mucinosis




•inguinal hernias

•luxating patellas -- "loose" kneecaps

•elbow dysplasia

•hip dysplasia

•anterior cruciate ligament rupture


•renal amyloidosis

•immune - mediated kidney disease


•mast cell tumor



•intestinal adenocarcinoma


•Familial Shar-Pei Fever (FSF)

•abscesses -- bite wounds, other •IgA deficiency

•Primary Multiple Immunodeficiency Syndrome of Shar-Pei


There is no perfect dog breed... every breed has its problems and imperfections. The easiest way to discuss the problems seen in our breed is to list them according to the body system involved. Please remember that these problems are seen in a very small number of dogs... not every Shar-Pei will be affected:

* Just imagine what a page would look like if it listed all the health issues that a human could have. Please don't let this page scare you away from this wonderful breed. *

All breeds of dogs are susceptible to certain diseases and health issues. This page was added so that everyone will be aware of some of the health issues Shar-pei can be prone to.

Southern Charm Shar-pei