Babies Born 3-24-16

  Chinese shar-pei puppies born on March 24th, 2015 to our      isabella flowered female (Envy) and our chocolate male     (Scooby). They will be CKC registered. They will be raised    around children and will be doggie door trained. They will    be up to date on their puppy shots and will be de-wormed     on a schedule. A $300 (non-refundable) deposit will hold    the baby of your choice until he or she is ready to go to                             their forever home. 









   Black Female 2   $800 

    Red Bear Coat Female - SOLD to Michael in SC 

  We have beautiful new Pei babies! 

  A $300 (non-refundable) deposit will hold your baby until he or she is old enough to be picked up.

  Red Male 1 - SOLD to Shelby in New York

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* Pictures Are Taken Up Close Which Makes The Puppies Appear Larger *


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   Look at what the stork has brought us!





     They will be CKC registered. They have been raised              around children and are doggie door trained. They 

   are up to date on their puppy shots and have been de-         wormed on a schedule. These babies are now 

                   ready for their forever homes.    








  Chocolate Male 1   $800

                     Babies Born on 3-21-16

 Chinese shar-pei puppies born on March 21st, 2016 to our isabella female (Daphne) and our chocolate male (Scooby). They will be CKC registered. They will be raised around children and will be doggie door trained. They will be utd on their puppy shots and will be de-wormed on a schedule. A $300 (non-refundable) deposit will hold the baby of your choice until he or she is ready to go to their forever home.                             










  Cream Baby Girl 2   $800  NOW $600

 Cream Baby Girl 1    $800   NOW $600

 ​Chocolate Female - SOLD to Gina in West Virginia

 Black Male - ON HOLD for Alain in Florida

   Chocolate Male 2 - ​SOLD to Michael in SC

  Red Bear Coat Male  ​ON HOLD for Sherry in Pennsylvania

   ​Chocolate Bear Coat Male  ​ON HOLD for Joan in Alabama

                   ~ Deposits already received ~   

                Michelle in SC - Chocolate Male                                      Michael in SC - Chocolate Male

                 Shelby in New York - Red Male

                      Amy in NC - Red Female 

​                   Alain in Florida - Black Male

Margaret in NC - 2 Females (1 of them a Bear Coat)

      Sherry in Pennsylvania - Red Bear Coat Male 

         Gina in West Virginia - Chocolate Female

      Joan in Alabama - Chocolate Bear Coat Male   

   ​Chocolate Bear Coat Female - ON HOLD for Margaret in NC

 ​​Chocolate Female 1 - SOLD to Amy in NC

 ​Black Female 1   $800

 Chocolate Long Brush Coat Baby Girl $800  NOW $600

   Chocolate Male 1 - ​SOLD to Michelle in SC

Southern Charm Shar-pei

    A $300 (non-refundable) deposit may be placed to awaiting the birth of a particular color, sex, or coat. Deposits will be placed in the order they are received.

 ​Chocolate Female 2   $800

 ​  ​